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Lecture Basics - Storytelling & In-depth Knowledge

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

You must have seen our Mentors guiding you about Storytelling Factor or In-depth Knowledge. It is indeed a Lengthy Process and takes time for getting a firm grasp.

So let us kill Two Birds with One Stone and discuss about Storytelling Factor & In-depth Knowledge together with the help of an example.

1. Look at this Sentence for Instance:

What did you see? A fact Stated in simple words. It can be read and even learned but it is not giving enough information in a systemic way.

2. Can we fix this a bit?

Yup! Now it makes more sense and it is actually a little easy to remember. But where is In-depth knowledge in this?

3. Let us add In-depth knowledge too!

Make a little sense right? But Storytelling is lacking somewhere... How can it be learned more easily?

4. Let us give it another try with Storytelling!

How about now? Just added a Mnemonic there. This makes a little more sense and Impact at the same time and the rest depends upon the way you tell your story!

Note that The method that I have just discussed is the one way of doing it. There are obviously plenty of more options that you can choose from. It's Just up to you that how impactful you want your script to be.


Let us Visualize both the statements as well to see their impact. If we look at the very first script then it may be visualized in this way:

and the Last Script can be Visualized like this:

After Having a Visual outcome of what we have just discussed, Now you can relate how Storytelling and In-depth knowledge can Impact your content and understanding. Now you let your ideas Shine and make your Script Impactful with your own unique way!

This was all for today!

Happy Learning Everyone! ❤❤❤

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