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Record Your PowerPoint Without Any Help!

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

All group chats contain certain screenshots on our phones that we circulate with one another. Beacuse its easy to capture and are just a Click away. But what about recording your PowerPoint Screen for making a video?

Don't worry! It is as Easy as Taking a Screeshot from your Phone!

So bear with me and Follow the Steps Along:

When you are done with all the necessary STEPS of making PPT, Its now time for the Recording! Make sure your Mic is Working Properly and Animations are aligned according to your script.

The Image that was displayed contain two options, out of which Record from Begining is the best one to choose from.

After Clicking on Record from Begining This Screen will Appear!

Click on the Settings and Adjust your Desired MIC from which you want to record your voiceover. Make sure to Read our Blog on Basics of Voiceover to Get a hold of voice recording.

Now the only thing left to do is Pressing the Record BUTTON!

That's an easy one right?

Record all of your voiveover and Press STOP when you are done.

All individual Slide will automatically generate this Speaker Icon after Finishing but do not Worry. It is just the Individually record time of your Slide and the voiceover done against it!

After Successfully recording a PPT, Now you just need to Export it in HD quality and Create Video!

Wasn't that hard. Was it?

Now let me tell you a Bonus Tip! While recording, make sure not to Press the Keyboard keys really hard! Cause if your Mic is sensitive enough, it will capture that Tick Tick Sound as well! You will thank me later when this Nuisance won't occur in your videos while editing!

So, That was all for Today!

Happy Learning Everyone!

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