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Lecture Basics - Mini Tips to Improve Visuals!

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Have you ever come across a scenario as you just look at an object say:

"It's Looking so pretty! I just Love it!"

If someone asks you:

"Why do you like it?"

And you say:

"Beacause its Pretty"

They ask:

"But why is it Pretty?"

You say:

"I don't know but its Pretty"

Its quiet baffling that you dont know the reason for the object being pretty but you just know that its pretty. Do you know the reason behind this?

Actually, it is not the Object that you are attracted to but the tiny details that made it a whole piece and you just admire it without any reason. From the Color of the object to the different design that it holds is that grabs your attention at the first place and you mark it as "PRETTY"

Let's Apply these Tiny Details into your Videos and Make them PRETTY!

Look at this Title Section for instance:

You are just Introduced with the title that you will study but its not that appealing right?

Have a Look at this one!

Hmm, Much better than the last one. Title is middle aligned, and Writing is appealing too!

Now Look at this one!

Title size is a bigger! Now its easy to read and attention grabbing too!

But is this enough? Look more!

So Look at the first one and this one! Both are telling about the main title, both will provide you knowledge but which one would you prefer to see more and say PRETTY?

But Wait! I have another one for you!

So you see what I did there?

Yes it took me a little time to make tiny details matter but in the end it was all worth it. Wasn't it? After all cares about QUALITY the MOST!

Apply these Mini-tips to your demo and become a Star-Educator of MLS!

Happy Learning Everyone!

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