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Let's Introduce Ourselves!

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Hello and Welcome to MLS!

There was a time when MLS was one man army, and now it has the army spread around the world!

We are eager to interact with you all and want to know what you think and expect. I have an idea! First let us introduce ourselves among each other.

MLS is based in Denmark and Pakistan. We have a great team of motivated individuals who are passionate to make a difference in today’s medical education world.

We have a lot of amazing site members from around the world. Come around and introduce yourselves. Where you're from? What are your interests? You can share your ideas, visions and even what you had in breakfast today!

What are you up to lately? because we at MLS are creating amazing content for medical students around the world and you know what? Some incredible stuff is about to release on

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