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Lecture Basics - Influence of Little Things to Maximize Learning!

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

"We sometimes underestimate the influence of little things." - Charles W. Chestnutt

Taking Charles statement as a role model, Let us apply this on our strategy of making a visual illustration!

Look at this image for instance:

We can see that it is a fact stated in a simple language. Everyone gets it but nobody remembers it by reading it once. So let us spice things up a bit.

In here, I have just made the above mentioned statement into an equation for increasing learning value. Now you can understand the same line more effectively. But I will say that there is something more that you can do to enhance its learning value.

Now here, Just the change in the Font colors have made a huge difference. Now you know that Positive is something written in green and Negative is something written in Red. At the end, increasing the size of fonts have increased attention as well. Do you think this will be enough? I think we can make it more interesting! So, Here we go!

Just added a simple image, inserted arrows and Voila! A statement can be understood more easily and in a fun way and it has become more beautiful. But this is not the END!

When considering any New CREATION, Only Sky is the LIMIT! Anyone can figure out more effective and easier way than this to present their statement.

So hurry up and Challenge your limits now by Creating a Fantastic Demo for us and get a chance to feature your video on


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