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I am interested in making lectures - Now What? ๐Ÿค”

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Anyone who wants to join us has multiple series of questions.

But, the most important one is "What to do after I feel interested in making videos for you?"

Let us go over the step one by one in this blog, so its super easy to get to the next step!

1. Create a Profile on Manan Learning Solutions Web!

First things first! You need to know about us and registering on is the only way to do this.

You need to make an account on MLS and fill out all the details.

The form includes the areas of your interest e.g., Recording a voiceover, Making a visual illustration, or maybe Create a whole video on your own.

We give you plenty of choices, you just need to pick one that suits you the MOST!

Follow the link: ๐ŸŒ

2. Create a Profile on!

Your lectures will be featured on our Medical Lecture Platform,

Make sure to make a profile there, in order to stay updated on all the latest content, which you can watch to take inspiration.

Don't be shy and EXPLORE our website on your own! Look for the latest videos and DISCOVER our video making strategies!

You can opt out your kind of teaching style from our big library and can start working on that!

๐ŸŒ Ask for link in the Chat.

3. Are you ready to make videos?

There are two routes to go from here:

(1) Ready to make a video? Then, just request for a topic (Go to Section 5a).

(2) Still have questions on how to move forward? Book a webinar and let us give you an introduction to everything (Go to Section 4a).

4a. Book a Video Session with MLS CEO!

Book yourself a meeting with our CEO! The pioneer of MLS and who will give you an introduction of our vision and what we look for in your videos. Keep a list of questions prepared.

Follow this link and Book the Meeting!

๐ŸŒ Ask for Booking link in the Chat.

Note: Make sure that your Webcam and Mic is working properly prior to the Webinar.

4b. Attend the Meeting

It is really important to show up in the meeting on the booked time.

Attending a meeting and just showing up shows your enthusiasm and willingness to proceed with us. We have even given you the advantage of booking the meeting yourself, so choose the time that is most convenient for you.

We understand if you get an emergency at that time but it is ideal to inform us beforehand.

Your punctuality shows your sincerity, that we highly value in our Team Members!

5a. Get a Topic for your Demo Video

Before making a demo video for us, it is essential for you guys to get a topic from us!

It can be a huge hassle for yourself when choosing a topic from a vast range of medical knowledge, so we are here too help you with that.

Also, we might have assigned the same topic to another educator, so do not want a mix-up.

PRO TIP: Do let us know about your subject preference so that we can assign you the topic according to that.

5b. Make a Demo Video! ๐ŸŽž

Now after this, you just need to brainstorm your ideas and make a fantastic video of your caliber for us!

Just Choose your teaching style and you are good to go!

Your demo video reflects your creativity and teaching potential at the same time so make sure you guys make something Short and Sweet with Maximum Learning Value!

We will Asses your Demo and will Let you know about our Feedback!

(Note: You will be given 3 chances to learn and improve.)

6. Get Yourself a Mentor! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Have you passed all the above stages?



You will be given a Mentor for your assistance and they will guide you in every step of the way! Now you can create videos anytime anywhere you want!

Make one thing clear that these 5 Steps are dependent on each other. You can not over take one step over another as the whole structure might fall apart if you do so.

We cannot wait to see the creative side of YOU on

Happy Learning Everyone!

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