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How to choose your video teaching style?

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

What is the best way of teaching?

This is a question we ask ourselves every single day.

Every student has a unique learning style, each student requires multiple avenues to reach their goal of understanding a topic. The traditional classroom-teaching excludes so many students who have difficulty learning. You might have noticed this with your peers or yourself even, that you feel alone…. Everyone else is getting it but why not me?

We want you to know it was not your fault, you just learned differently.

Our vision with is to defy the status quo in medical education.

We want to escape from these constrains of traditional teaching methods and create an accepting, inclusive community, that nurtures learning.

Therefore, we ask our educators to never restrict yourself to just a single style of teaching. We must cater to as many students as possible, so we do not exclude anyone from this amazing world of medical knowledge.

We want to empower students to unlock the love for learning.

Let us reinvent the old learning process.

But if you are having difficulty finding your teaching style, we have listed a few examples for you, in this blog. Try to explore these and find the style that you think is the most effective way of learning medical concepts!

I have added in video examples of each teaching style, not just from but from some beloved YouTube channels, because inspiration can come from anywhere.

1) Animation:

Audio -visual aids are the best tool for making teaching effective and the best dissemination of knowledge. Studies tell us that majority of students are audio-visual learners. This is where we can incorporate medical animations with a voiceover. Its that simple! Here are a few examples from

▶️ Watch: ABCDE of Chest X-Rays

▶️ Watch: How is Blood Pressure Regulated?

In the animation realm, we also have the option of VideoScribe.

VideoScribe is a very easy-to-use software, especially designed for beginners. This is a video our educator made using this software, he did everything remotely, which is very impressive. And obviously, you can do the same too!

▶️ Watch: Chest Pain

2) Show and Tell!

Many educators prefer the use of a whiteboard. Understandably - it is also a powerful form of teaching. This is the classic form of learning, we have known since our childhood; Green board and white chalk.

But we have transformed this style to become more sqadia-esque. We have modified it by using images and animations combined with the educator’s writing to convey all the information in a fun and engaging way.

▶️ Check this out in our Project UrAnUs video here:

▶️ Medicosis Perfectionalis:

3) Monologue

You cannot deny the learning value of a simple monologue. Just having a one-on-one conversation with your students, engaging with them at a personal level like a friend….nothing can beat that!

Here is a good example of a monologue video from

(Side note: Of course, we had to go an extra mile and add animations, but leave that to us to add this magic!)

▶️ Watch: Acute Aortic Dissection

Just sit in front of the camera and talk with your heart!

Here is also an example of a few YouTubers who are following this format too.

▶️ Dr. Sheerene Idris:

▶️ AbrahamthePharmacist:

Also, note that it is super easy to record a video like this.

A solid colour background.

A good camera, any latest mobile phone (1080p) can create this result.

Image quality is highly dependent on light - So make sure, that there is plenty of light in the room.


4) Animation + Monologue

Lastly, let’s talk about the combination of animation and monologue: The best of both worlds! You get the benefit of both types of teaching jam-packed in a single video. So just imagine how the learning value will soar towards the sky!

🪐 This type can be found in our Project JuPiTeR videos.

So you can see there are so many options to choose from. What style will you pick? We are eager to see.

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