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Lecture Basics - Create Smart Learning!

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

In the previous blog of "Influence of Little Things" we highlighted how changing simple fonts and adding some images can increase learning value. But how about we create something that incorporates into the mind of the viewer in one go?

So let us start learning!

Look at the Image below and try to memorize the following statemenrt:

Can you understand and learn at the same time after reading it once?

I know the possible answer will be NO! It requires at least 3 read!

1st read must give you the general idea of the topic

2nd read will provide a vague picture in mind

3rd read can probably help in learning

But, we need to make learning smart so lets top things up with some images and link them with each other:

There it is! Hmmm, Does it look enough to you? Will it make you learn things in one go?

I don't think so! So, Let me Boost my Creativity a bit and provide you a better understanding of this topic!

Look what happened here!

Focussed on the Image related to topic, highlighted the different positions and labelled them and its done!

So, Let us ask ourselves these questions?

Does it give you the idea of the topic that we are discussing?

Does it provide the picture that you had in mind?

and, the most important one,

Did it increase the learning value that you were looking for in one go?

The answer of all these questions lie within your master pieces that you will be submitting to us and will be featured on

That was all for today!

Thanks and Happy Learning!

Keep creating new Ideas!

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