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Lecture Basics - How to record a voiceover?

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Whenever we click on a video, there is always an advertisement that welcomes us at the start!

Everyone manages to ignore that Ad somehow and start looking here and there anxiously waiting for the annoying Ad to end!

Suddenly we get to listen to a soothing voice that welcomes us to watch our desired video and our eyes automatically focus on the screen!

So, in simpler words, a Clear voice is the main reason for watching the content of your choice.

Even if someone has on-point knowledge of what you wanna know, a distorted voice or an unknown bugging in the background will lead a person to stop your video and start browsing other content that may give them a rather clear sound.

So what to do when you are recording a voice-over?

Without wasting any time, just see this amazing video tutorial on youtube and the 1st 10 minutes of it will solve 95% of your questions regarding a perfect voiceover!

A clear voice will always attract a person to watch your video!

If I list down the majors to look out for then they can be:

  1. Zero Background Noises

  2. A clear idea about what you are talking about

  3. Deep research and knowledge of accurate pronunciations

  4. Keeping yourself calm and confident

  5. Before teaching someone else, Make sure that you know what you are talking about

And that is it!

You just learned about how to record a good voiceover within 15 minutes.

Let us know in the comments if you have some more powerful suggestions related to voiceover.

Happy Learning Everyone!!!

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