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About Us

Manan Learning Solutions is providing an opportunity to feature your content on

It is an online video platform, to fulfil all the learning needs for medical, and healthcare professionals.

Providing a one-stop-shop solution with high quality lectures. 

Join our platform consisting of like-minded professionals who are passionate about teaching. 

Our Mission

No student will have to feel helpless in their studies.

We aim to break free from the traditional classroom setting.

Allowing students to learn at their own pace with, by providing video-on-demand lectures.

Making it easier, as they can be accessed, anytime, anywhere.

Share your “golden nuggets of knowledge” with future generations, so we may play a part to enlighten the tomorrow of our world. 


Let's get together to help shape the future of medical studies.

How can you contribute?

Medical Narrator

Medical Graphic Designer

Medical Animator

Medical Script Writer

Medical Content Writer (SEO)

Medical Presenter

Bringing Excellence To Students

Making Learning Easy

Help students master their medical studies, by breaking free from traditional norms of learning
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