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Share your “Golden Nuggets of Knowledge


We aim to break free from the traditional classroom setting.

Allowing students to learn at their own pace with


Providing medical video lectures, as they can be accessed

anytime, anywhere.


Medical professionals from all over the world, who are passionate to make

a difference in today’s world of medical education.


Share your knowledge in a way that helps students

excel in their field.

Bringing Excellence To Students

Help students master their medical studies, by breaking free from traditional norms of learning.

Start Creating Medical Videos Today!

Happy Studens
Made with Love for Medicine 

34 Medical Courses and 1800+ Video Lectures in Basic and Clinical Topics

Collaborate with us and get your lecture featured on A platform designed by MLS to make medical studies easy for students.

About Us

Manan Learning Solutions is providing an opportunity to feature your content on

It is an online video platform, to fulfil all the learning needs for medical, and healthcare professionals.

Providing a one-stop-shop solution with high quality lectures. 

Join our platform consisting of like-minded professionals who are passionate about teaching. 

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